We’re Reading Anna Karenina in December!

In case you didn’t know, some of us are going to be reading through Anna Karenina in December. I’ve set up a Russian Lit Book Club at Thirdscribe and starting next month we will be reading through and talking about one of Tolstoy’s greatest novels. The interpretation and message of Anna Karenina has been horribly mangled and twisted by Western critics and by Hollywood, so we’ll read the book ourselves. Rather than being a romantic drama focusing on bad girl/rebel Anna who is under the thumb of a puritanical culture, the book soundly rejects Anna and her selfish and immoral philosophy and makes Levin the hero of the story. Tolstoy intended AK as a Christian conversion narrative for Levin, and as a plain display of the contrast between the decadence and decay of urban/westernized Russia, and the solidity and character of rural, traditional Russia. Anna Karenina was also loosely based on Tolstoy’s own experience as a narcissistic wastrel before he discovered the value and character of Agrarian society and culture.

Join the Russian Lit Club!
If you decide to join us, you’ll need to pick up the book.  You can get it in paperback or on e-book (Paperback is better) and you’ll want to make sure, if you can, to get one that is the Constance Garnett translation, so we’ll all be using the same character names.

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  1. Hey Mike
    This is your uncle Jerry. I have watched your writing progress through the stages with great interest..I watched to see your lifestyle change from the boy in Texas.. I have no idea of how your Father (brother Rod) thinks about your growing success.. But even though he has been critical before, I would think he now looks on with great pride.. We seem to get some of your books that I would guess he put on our book group.. (family mostly) I enjoyed all of them.. even from the beginning.. Keep it going !!

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