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I have a bunch of free gifts for you, an opportunity to get a free audiobook of your choice, and a thing…

Stay tuned for the link to the free books. But first…

I don’t know if you saw it, but we just launched a new “television-like” book series called TIME LOOTER. Officially, TL is written by Fenton Cooper, who some of you may recognize as a character in my book Hell and the Sea. Time Looter, Episode 1 is a novel length time-travel comedy. It’s pretty crazy, and the people who have read it think it is hilarious. It is episode 1, so like on TV, one episode is not the whole story. If you liked Hitchhiker’s Guide, you’ll probably love Time Looter. And here’s the deal… thanks to this list, Time Looter opened up at #24 overall on the Time Travel bestseller list on Amazon. It is currently the #2 Hot New Release! Sitting at #24, we can see that #20 is so close! And if we hit #20, that means Time Looter is on the front page of the Time Travel bestseller’s list. This means more eyeballs. Because of that, the publisher, Auspicious Apparatus Press, has contacted me. They say that IF WE HIT THE TOP 20, AAP will give 5 FREE AUDIOBOOKS — any audiobook you want (as long as it is available on Audible) — to five randomly selected members of my email list. In addition, one member of my email list will be selected to receive a free Time Looter paperback when they are available… SOON. So do us all a favor. Buy the book. And since it is a holiday vacation, people will be reading on their Kindles. Did you know you can GIFT Time Looter to anyone with a Kindle, or any other device that can download a Kindle Reader App? All you have to do is go to the Time Looter book page, and click “Give as Gift.”

We need as many people as possible to help us give this a push. Then, once we hit the top 20, I’ll do a drawing for the 5 free audiobooks and the free paperback!

***UPDATE: About an hour after this went out, we hit #18 on Amazon.com’s Time Travel bestseller list! So Auspicious Apparatus Press is upping the ante. If the book hits in the top #10 of this list, they’ll double the prizes. That means 10 free audiobooks  and 2 paperbacks given to people selected from my email list! They’ve also promised a bigger, more valuable prize if the book makes it to #1 on the Time Travel list!***


So now. How about some free books with no strings attached?

My good friend and co-author Kevin G. Summers has put together a free holiday book giveaway from a bunch of great authors. One of the books is a book Kevin and I wrote called Legendarium. So just go here and snatch up some freebies.

And thank you!

Michael Bunker

Get Time Looter!

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