Time and the Gloaming: 7 Time Travel Stories

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  • 7 Time Travel Stories from the new master of Time Travel tales.

    Time and the Gloaming: 7 Time Travel Stories introduces the world to Michael Bunker’s unique and fascinating Time Travel world. Finally gathered into this exciting anthology, Bunker’s Time Travel stories are the freshest take on the genre since Jack Finney mastered it decades ago in Time and Again.

    From the story of a father, a son, and the legendary Santa Anna Gold, to the tale of a Death Row inmate with a plan to make things right, in God Bless This Prison. From a man who steals his physicist father’s plans to drop into history in the old west, in the story Free Falling, to the story of a door, found in an old junk shop, that may be able to take you anywhere, even to your lost love, in Jessup’s Door. From the story of a man who falls asleep on the way to a play and wakes up in the past, in Jessup’s Drive, to the story of a writer with writer’s block who inherits the cabin where the greatest case of writer’s block in history happened, in All I Can Be.

    Seven tales to make you wonder. Including the title story Time and the Gloaming, a new, never before published story that asks the question, what if people are already here… from the future?