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tunnelratsfrontDragon Award winner Nick Cole and I wrote a book that came out over a year ago. People loved it. It was lauded and applauded. It got 117 reviews and maintained a 4.7 star average in under two months of publication.

Then we pulled it…

It was part of Apocalypse Weird and AW folded and we were kind of disgusted so we just pulled the book. Possibly, in the small window of time it was available, one of the best received and reviewed books by either one of us.

All along, over the last year, people have contacted us asking us when we were going to continue this fun and exciting story.

“Don’t know,” we said.

And then one day we were talking and we just decided to do it. There was too much demand for us to continue the story, so we decided to do some minor tweaks to the story, change the name, get a new cover and new formatting, and release it back out to the wild. And here it is… Tunnel Rats is the series.  The first Episode is: The Diggers.  The second episode will be coming soon. Here is a little teaser about the story:

Michael Bunker (Pennsylvania) and Nick Cole (The Old Man and The Wasteland ) bring you a gritty tale of survival in the Post Apocalyptic West Texas Badlands where towns have become abandoned wastelands and packs of feral, cannibalistic humans, made so by a diet pill called Slenderex, devour anything and anyone they can find in search of protein.

A band of children, led by a boy becoming a man, make their stand against a rising tide of humans gone feral, greedy precious metal pirates and psychotic roving biker gangs to forge a home for themselves atop a hidden valley. But when a Man in Black simply known as Mayhem arrives in the badlands, Ellis and his small “family” of orphans and lost children will have to go underground into the depths of a mysterious system of tunnels to fight back and survive.

Lord of the Flies meets Mad Max beneath the the hot wastelands of Texas.

You’ll want to get in on the ground floor of this new series. And there are several ways for you to do it. First, you can get the book for free after you subscribe to my Patreon and become a supporter. For as little as $1 a month you get all of Hell and the Sea – all the back chapters and every new chapter as it comes out. You get new short stories almost every month. You get this first episode of Tunnel Rats, and more.


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Michael Bunker

About Michael Bunker

Michael Bunker is a USA Today bestselling author, off-gridder, husband, and father of four children. He lives with his family in a "plain" community in Central Texas, where he reads and writes books...and occasionally tilts at windmills. He is the author of several popular and acclaimed works of dystopian sci-fi, including the WICK series, The Silo Archipelago, and the Amish/Sci-Fi thriller Pennsylvania; two books humor/satire including Hugh Howey Must Die! and LEGENDARIUM; as well as many nonfiction works, including the bestseller Surviving Off Off-Grid.

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