As with everything, if you need anything from me, please feel free to ask me. Here is a collection of interviews with me. I’ll add new links as they happen…

4/27/2015 A great interview with Hank Garner about Brother, Frankenstein! Brother, Frankenstein Breaks Out!

3/24/2015 I was interviewed by Laissez Faire Today! Interview With an Amish Sci-fi Warrior

3/20/2015 I get a “Rising Star” interview with the huge and influential magazine! Read it here.

3/19/2015 I was interviewed by Simon Whistler at Rocking Self-Publishing! Listen here.

2/23/2015 I was interviewed for the podcast. A special interview on author branding and reviews. Listen here.

2/20/2015 A Launch Special interview by Hank Garner with a bunch of folks from Apocalyspe Weird. Listen Here.

2/19/2015 Nick Cole and I were interviewed by the Storymen podcast. A great and interesting interview you’ll want to check out. Listen here.

12/12/2014 I was interviewed by Hank Garner for the Author Stories Podcast. Listen to it here.

9/8/2014 An awesome podcast interview with Hank Garner of the Author Stories Podcast Listen to it Here

8/8/2014 I was interviewed by Elena Giorgi (E.E. Giorgi) for her Chimeras blog. Read it here

6/27/2014 This is a profile of me by Wes Davies. Thanks, Wes! Read it here.

4/28/2014 This is an interview with my friend author Steve Statham. Excellent questions and a fun interview. A discussion of the benefits of serialization, too. Read it here.

4/27/2014 I was interviewed by author S. Elliot Brandis. This interview has a lot of information and opinions about publishing which you might want to read. Very interesting. Read it Here.

4/24/2014 This interview is with author Will Swardstrom. It is more comedic and fun, so watch Will go after my funny bone. Read it Here.

4/24/2014 This is an awesome interview with author Amy Eyrie. Very in-depth questions. Read it Here.

4/24/2014 I was interviewed by author Josh Hayes about the Pennsylvania Omnibus. A very in-depth interview and fun to do. Read it Here.

4/22/2014 I was interviewed by author Lucas Bale about the Pennsylvania Omnibus and specifically touching on my writing practices. Very nice interview. Read it Here.

4/19/2014 I was interviewed by Kevin G. Summers about the upcoming Book Bomb for the Pennsylvania Omnibus. Good questions about publishing and prolific-ness. Read it Here.

2/27/2014 I was interviewed by Tim Ward for the podcast Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing. A fun and dynamic audio interview about publishing and some of my books. Listen Here.

1/14/2014 I was interviewed by Matt Thyer at the Feet for Brains blog. The blog was a little about me, and a little about the From the Indie Side Anthology. Read it Here.

1/18/2014 I was interviewed by Tina Sink, Age 14, for her health class. The interview was about the occupation of being a writer. Read it Here

1/10/2014 I was recently interviewed by Scott M. Terry on his BlogTalkRadio show about Homestead Scale Grain Production: Listen Here

1/1/2014 Jason Gurley interviewed me again – this time about book covers: Read It Here

Late 2013 Jason Gurley interviewed me for The Grinder. Probably one of the best interviews I’ve done: Read it Here


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