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How We Do Stuff: Staying Cool Beyond Off-Grid

“I find your lifestyle very compelling, but I could never live without air-conditioning.” This is probably the statement I have heard the most over the last ten years from people who cannot believe that we are able to live, and thrive, without most of the modern conveniences that 1st world humans take for granted. I […]

Harvesting Wheat by Hand

I promised several people I’d do a post wherein I share our process of harvesting wheat by hand. Harvesting is actually a small part of the whole process of taking wheat from the field to a usable final product, so although I named this post “Harvesting” Wheat by Hand, I’ll actually include the post-harvest steps of threshing and winnowing.

Living Beyond Off-Grid as a Scifi Writer

Not long ago I was in a hardware store in a small town not far from our farm. I was with my son buying plumbing parts for a water project for the farm. Robert and I were at the register with our PVC valves, couplers, and adapters when the clerk, a friendly local fellow named Buck, started […]

The Mud Years

 This whole thing is a metaphor. It still works and is true the way it’s written, but sometimes I’m too subtle so… this whole thing is a metaphor. We live completely off-grid on an off-grid farm in an off-grid community. The grid really doesn’t have much to do with my topic today, but I thought […]