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East and West: Killing Characters

American literature in particular is a lot more ego based. Readers often read and enjoy stories specifically because they identify with a character. It is about them first and the story second. Killing central characters, especially popular protagonists or main characters, can be devastating to American readers

The Return of Realism

By “falsity” I mean this: within a fiction story the distinct elements of the plot need to have some anchor in reality – in the world we actually live in. Even if a story is set in outer space or deep into the future or in the made-up fantasy world of Middle Earth, there needs to be a sense of reality and truth, such that this event or place or action could have happened somewhere that is real.

Time Looter!

IF WE HIT THE TOP 20, AAP will give 5 FREE AUDIOBOOKS — any audiobook you want (as long as it is available on Audible) — to five randomly selected members of my email list. In addition, one member of my email list will be selected to receive a free Time Looter paperback when they are available… SOON.

Something Awesome This Way Comes

Dragon Award winner Nick Cole and I wrote a book that came out over a year ago. People loved it. It was lauded and applauded. It got 117 reviews and maintained a 4.7 star average in under two months of publication.

The Community Way: Projects and More

In our worldview, we help one another without going through a “middle man.” For example, we have a healthcare fund that is there to help if someone needs it, and we give money regularly that goes into the fund for that purpose. If someone needs something, we all pitch in. If someone is sick and needs help on their homestead, we all pitch in. If someone needs a fence built, we all pitch in. And we do it because we are all benefited by it in so many ways.

I Have a Mission For You

Nighthawks at the Mission is an epic, fantasy, sci-fi, tour-de-force. It is also a slightly demented, scatter-brained, fragmented, meme-dropping, allusion-riddled, drug-addled, Jack Kerouac-like, stream-of-consciousness mind thumping that dares you to “get it.”

Are you a “Prepper”? What kind?

Just what are you anyway? Are you a “prepper?” Are you a “survivalist?” Maybe you consider yourself a “prudent-planner-aheader.” Are you a an “off-gridder,” a “plain person,” a “homesteader,” “back-to-the-lander,” “agrarian separatist,” a “foil-hatted bean-butter-and bullet buying whack-a-doodle”??

A Sample: Hell and the Sea (a portion of Chapter 6)

Hell and the Sea is a Roman á clef novel set in the Indie Pub world of Austin based author Dim Hardy. If you don’t know what a Roman á clef is, please click on the link to read more about it. This portion is taken from Chapter 6 of Hell and the Sea. And […]