Monthly Archives: October 2016

I Have a Mission For You

Nighthawks at the Mission is an epic, fantasy, sci-fi, tour-de-force. It is also a slightly demented, scatter-brained, fragmented, meme-dropping, allusion-riddled, drug-addled, Jack Kerouac-like, stream-of-consciousness mind thumping that dares you to “get it.”

Are you a “Prepper”? What kind?

Just what are you anyway? Are you a “prepper?” Are you a “survivalist?” Maybe you consider yourself a “prudent-planner-aheader.” Are you a an “off-gridder,” a “plain person,” a “homesteader,” “back-to-the-lander,” “agrarian separatist,” a “foil-hatted bean-butter-and bullet buying whack-a-doodle”??