Monthly Archives: May 2016

Hell and the Sea

Accidental Indie author Dim Hardy, a promising writer with a sketchy past, navigates the turbulent waters during the heady days of the Amazon publishing revolution. From the crowded bars and pubs on the banks of the San Antonio River to seedy agent-hosted hotel parties and sweaty jazz clubs of the French Quarter, Dim discovers that revolutions are confusing and sometimes bloody things, and that friends and enemies can be hard to discern when fame and money are at stake.

Writing what I “want” to write?

I’m going to start writing an epic literary novel entitled Hell and the Sea are Never Full, or just Hell and the Sea. And I’m going to give my best reader friends the story episodically as it comes out. Mostly chapter by chapter. Not some 20k word short story entitled “Part 1.” Instead, this will most likely be released a chapter at a time. No one will be able to tell me that the story needs to fit into some pre-conceived mold. I’ll write the story as it should be written. It won’t be sci-fi. It’ll be a novel. An epic novel.