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Buy Brother, Frankenstein Today!

“Hugo Material!” ~ Nick Cole Praise for Brother, Frankenstein  “Brother, Frankenstein is Michael Bunker at his best. He just keeps getting better.” ~ Ernie Lindsey, USA Today Bestselling Author of Sara’s Game and Skynoise. “I just finished beta reading Michael Bunker’s new heartbreakingly awesome novel and I have this to say: Hugo Material.” ~ Nick Cole, […]

When Fiction Informs Us

Deliberate Living I’ve been interviewed… shoot… I don’t know how many times in the last year. Half a hundred maybe? Maybe more. Many of those interviews are linked over on the left side of this page. One of the most oft asked questions always goes something like this “As an off-grid ‘plain’ person, how do […]

3 Days… Until Frank is Loosed

In just 3 days, on Wednesday April 29th, Brother, Frankenstein will be officially released widely to the public… I’d like to ask for your help. If you were given an ARC (advance review copy) of Brother, Frankenstein, will you make certain to leave a review on Amazon (and everywhere else you review books) BEFORE Wednesday? So […]

First 50 Signed Paperbacks will be Signed/Numbered

I am expecting to receive the paperback proof of Brother, Frankenstein in the next few days. As soon as that happens, I’ll be placing the first signed book printing order. The first 50 signed books ordered will be both signed and numbered. If you place your order today or tomorrow you shouldn’t have a problem […]

Brother, Frankenstein… a sampler

I run toward the barn, realizing—even through the haze of alcohol, adrenaline, and moonlight—that Frank could turn on me and kill me without a second thought. Or even a first thought. The HADroid program was designed to produce a robot with human empathy, but Frank is an autistic eleven-year-old: empathy is not his strong suit. […]

My Big Plan

The impending launch of Brother, Frankenstein is getting a lot of attention. Pennsylvania, the novel I launched exactly a year earlier did so very well for an Indie title, that there are high expectations for Brother, Frank. And if the early reviews and comments mean anything, the expectations are crazy high… And almost every review […]

I’m Giving a Bunch of Stuff Away

As many of you know, Brother, Frankenstein is going to be launching on April 29th. The book is already available for pre-order, and I’m going to be selectively giving away a few more ARC copies in exchange for reviews, but I have some other stuff to give away too. Order Brother, Frankenstein NowI have 3 […]