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Guest Post: Kevin G. Summers on Why You Should Keep Writing

***A guest post I requested from Kevin G. Summers on why Indie authors should keep writing and publishing, working every day, because you never know when something good is going to happen*** Michael asked me to write this little guest post on his blog, not because of my background in teaching or because I’ve read […]

Brother, Frankenstein

Coming Soon… A borderline sociopath and technological genius, Dr. Alexander has designed an advanced cybernetic life form from prototype decommissioned military drones and top-secret experimental DARPA technology. The HADroid was supposed to be a military grade robot with the transplanted heart and brain of a human donor that would “transform” into a devastating state of the art war […]

And the Best Sci-Fi Book of 2014 is…

Everyone is doing their Top Ten lists of 2014…. There are only two books on my top ten list for 2014 (since I can’t nominate myself 😉 )  The best two books I read in 2014 were Soda Pop Soldier, by Nick Cole, and The Martian by Andy Weir. And lo and behold… one of […]

The Pennsylvania Audiobook Trailer is Here!

The Audiobook for The Pennsylvania Omnibus will be available very soon.  I mean really soon! I’ve been working with Falcon Sound Company and narrator Andrew McFerrin, and they’ve done a fantastic job with the audiobook.  Here is the quick trailer for it, I hope you enjoy it.  The Audiobook will be awesome! Share this with […]

Authors to Ruin the World

How Many Authors Does it take to Break Everything? It doesn’t seem like it’s possible that the Apocalypse Weird world had it’s sneak peek launch only about ten days ago. A lot of things have happened in the last ten days, and frankly we couldn’t be more pleased with the reception our new weird world […]

What is this Apocalypse Weird that everyone is talking about?

Apocalypse Weird is attracting the one thing that authors crave… buzz. Everybody is talking about this Apocalypse Weird thing… “The Red King is something of a literary seed, the first chapter in an innovative collaboration between bestselling indie authors that sees the creation of an entire world for them to play around in. The creators […]