Brother, Frankenstein… a sampler

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I run toward the barn, realizing—even through the haze of alcohol, adrenaline, and moonlight—that Frank could turn on me and kill me without a second thought. Or even a first thought. The HADroid program was designed to produce a robot with human empathy, but Frank is an autistic eleven-year-old: empathy is not his strong suit. […]

My Big Plan


The impending launch of Brother, Frankenstein is getting a lot of attention. Pennsylvania, the novel I launched exactly a year earlier did so very well for an Indie title, that there are high expectations for Brother, Frank. And if the early reviews and comments mean anything, the expectations are crazy high… And almost every review […]

I’m Giving a Bunch of Stuff Away


As many of you know, Brother, Frankenstein is going to be launching on April 29th. The book is already available for pre-order, and I’m going to be selectively giving away a few more ARC copies in exchange for reviews, but I have some other stuff to give away too. Order Brother, Frankenstein NowI have 3 […]

A Big Announcement about Brother, Frankenstein…


Greetings friends, Well, after much consideration, prayer, and even waffling, and after consultation with my literary agent Jeff Gerecke, I’ve decided to self-publish Brother, Frankenstein. I think it is the best decision for both the book and my readers, and I’m excited about getting the book out more quickly to all the people who have been […]

Publishing is a Hard Business


With all the changes in the business, finding success can still be problematic This is probably not news to most people. Finding success as a writer has always been tough. Probably tougher than in any other kind of artistic endeavor. But with the changes going on in the industry writing is just starting to resemble […]

Some Books You Should Get Today…


The Dark Knight (the sequel to The Red King) and Texocalypse Now, the offering penned by me in collaboration with Nick Cole, have gotten a lot of attention. But there were three other books launched on Feb. 23rd that I think you will really enjoy. So check out these three awesome books and put them on your device today. You’ll thank me!

A New Book Bundle with a MB Book you’ve probably never read…


So this is extremely cool. I’m in this new book bundle called “Tales of Future Past” which includes a bundle of 8 books including such awesome authors as Kevin J. Anderson (Alternitech) and Erik Wecks (Aetna Adrift). The book I have in this bundle is FUTURITY, a time travel novel you’ve probably never read before since it is not currently available for sale.