Going to Horse and Buggy


We don’t use the word “Proud” in our Plain culture. At least we try not to. But I have to say I was “well pleased” when my 18 year old daughter Jennifer came to me with her plan to get a horse. She had it all thought out.

Traversing the Hollywood Maze


As an author, my experience with Hollywood has been almost completely the opposite of what I’d been warned it would be. I suppose it is understandable and probably necessary that their be ample warnings.

SAMIZDAT: Thoughtcrime and Traditional Publishing


How one kneejerk act of bigoted censorship highlights where we are… and the dangerous places to which we are headed

Before I get into my commentary. Here are the shorthand notes about what happened…

Popular trad-pubbed author Nick Cole’s latest Sci-Fi novel was dropped by his publisher (Harper Collins Voyager,) and his contract was torn up, because of a minor plot point he used to show the motivation of the books antagonist. A plot-point that Nick’s young editor found “deeply offensive” to her political and social worldview.

Osage Two Diamonds: Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle, and Ice-9


Maybe Vonnegut is something you only really “get” once you’ve gone around the sun enough times to have some historical context. But when I finally read Cat’s Cradle as a middle-aged man, I loved it. So, as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance when I was asked by Amazon to write the first (and only) commissioned sequel to Cat’s Cradle.

OSAGE TWO DIAMONDS, A Sequel to Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle

Hey Everybody! Amazon just let me know that they have marked my novel Osage Two Diamonds down from $3.99 to a very special Cyber price of $1.99 for the month of December. This novel was commissioned through a special arrangement between Kindle Serials and Kindle Worlds, and is the first (and only) commisioned and sanctioned […]

Bringing the Amish to Hollywood, or Selling a Film Option 101.


It’s a fun thing to have happen… even when you’re on the road and can’t really celebrate or respond to the massive number of messages, well-wishes, and congratulations flooding in. It started as a short, single paragraph article that came out in the print version of Variety. Variety is the trade magazine for the Hollywood film […]

Demystifying Cigars: Busting Cigar Myths


There are a LOT of myths about cigars. Most of you know I roll my own cigars. There are a ton of reasons for me to roll my own. The first reason is that rolling my own cigars fits into my DIY lifestyle. As plain people living off-grid, we try our best to forego as many mass industrial processes as possible in just about every area of our lives.