A Big Announcement about Brother, Frankenstein…


Greetings friends, Well, after much consideration, prayer, and even waffling, and after consultation with my literary agent Jeff Gerecke, I’ve decided to self-publish Brother, Frankenstein. I think it is the best decision for both the book and my readers, and I’m excited about getting the book out more quickly to all the people who have been […]

Publishing is a Hard Business


With all the changes in the business, finding success can still be problematic This is probably not news to most people. Finding success as a writer has always been tough. Probably tougher than in any other kind of artistic endeavor. But with the changes going on in the industry writing is just starting to resemble […]

Some Books You Should Get Today…


The Dark Knight (the sequel to The Red King) and Texocalypse Now, the offering penned by me in collaboration with Nick Cole, have gotten a lot of attention. But there were three other books launched on Feb. 23rd that I think you will really enjoy. So check out these three awesome books and put them on your device today. You’ll thank me!

A New Book Bundle with a MB Book you’ve probably never read…


So this is extremely cool. I’m in this new book bundle called “Tales of Future Past” which includes a bundle of 8 books including such awesome authors as Kevin J. Anderson (Alternitech) and Erik Wecks (Aetna Adrift). The book I have in this bundle is FUTURITY, a time travel novel you’ve probably never read before since it is not currently available for sale.

Get Weird Now!


    This is it! The new multi-writer world of Apocalypse Weird launches today! Five new books (including the sequel to The Red King) are now available… The Dark Knight by Nick Cole The story begun in The Red King continues as survivors band together to build a modern-day castle against a tide of dark forces overrunning […]

Texocalypse Now: Collectible Signed Paperback Edition


No, I did not plan the major launch of Apocalypse Weird for Monday because it is one day after my 23rd anniversary with my wonderful wife Danielle and because I thought you’d buy this gorgeous, awesome, collectible, signed, first printing paperback edition of Texocalypse Now right now as an anniversary present. Don’t be silly. Buy It Now […]

Texocalypse Now: Working with the Brilliant Nick Cole


A week from today, on February 23rd, 2015, Apocalypse Weird will launch out into the world. Apocalypse Weird is the world’s first CCB ~ a Community Created Bookverse ~ a fantastic multi-author created universe which serves as a brand world, much like Marvel is in comics, only for the printed word. My offering to Apocalypse […]

Brother, Frankenstein Cover Reveal!


This is the official cover reveal for Brother, Frankenstein Brother, Frankenstein is my first solo novel since Pennsylvania. I’ll have more news coming…  but feel free to share this anywhere and everywhere!   Make sure you are subscribed to my email list for information on free ARC (Advance Review Copies) and more! Subscribe To The […]