Inside the Sausage Works – The Making of a Bestseller


Have you ever wanted to take on Goliath?  Have you ever wanted to face off with a cheating bully, and win?  Well… make sure to read this whole thing.  Perhaps we can be a huckleberry together? Over the last month or so, I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to work with a particularly spectacular group of […]

Oh, September.


Starting yesterday, my September is a screaming, yelping sprint with my hair on fire.  In fact, I have so much happening, that I can’t put it all in one blog post.  So I’m going to start with the dealio, and a reminder about the huge Space Opera Box Set that launches on Tuesday… Yesterday, […]

An Official Statement

That title sounds ominous, doesn’t it? But there are some things I need to say, so I might as well be as ominous as possible… Yesterday, on my own private Facebook page I made several statements against author spam in Facebook groups. These statements were not new at all. I’ve made them over and over […]

It’s all Very Confusing

When they said "close the borders" they meant it!

I don’t have the personal experience in dealing with the mainstream legacy publishing route that many of my friends have. I’m missing a large portion of the struggling author experience. For example, I’ve never submitted to the slushpile or sat around reading all of my rejection letters trying to decide if it might be time […]

Non Kindle User – I Am Here For You


Ok I’ve been promising for a month to get the Pennsylvania Ominbus to you NOOK readers. And I’m doing it TOMORROW. I’m going to get SYNCHRONIC: 13 Tales of Time Travel to you too. In order for you to get the books, you need to have one of the following prerequisites… 1. You need to […]

Bunker and the Silo

Hugh Howey and I sat down for a chat about the growing middle class of successful authors making a living at publishing, and why self-publishing is producing so many midlist success stories. This was a fun chat, and already people are asking for us to do this as a regular gig. What should we call […]

Scattershooting and Advice For New or Aspiring Authors


Well, I’m mostly back in the saddle after some bout with what seemed a lot like food poisoning. It’s been a slow ramp-up back to almost full speed and I hope. There are a bunch of things happening in the next week, so I really hope, Lord willing, to be fully recuperated by then. On […]

Just Another Bookbub Top 25?

Was yesterday just another Bookbub promo? Three top 25 showings on all of Amazon in just 5 weeks… but was it just a product of using Bookbub? Late last night (or early this morning) Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel – a short story anthology I helped organize with David Gatewood – hit #16 in […]

The Bunker Plan Works


With the massive success of Jason Gurley‘s Eleanor (#25 overall in all of Kindle the other day,) the evidence that the launch plan I am advocating is a winner mounts day by day. Our next test will be Thursday when Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel goes on sale for the first time EVER since being […]